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I’ve followed Jon Acuff since his early blog days where he talks about awkward side hugs and passive aggressive church signs. He inspired my journeys as both an entrepreneur and as a healthier person. I highly recommend his most recent book Finish on audio. You can walk through the crunchy leaves and get through the whole book in 2-3 outings. Finish 2017 strong!

Please handle your money like a maniac.

That’s it. Please put a laser focus on the dollars your business makes and costs.

Why do I even need to say this? Aren’t we all going to do that anyway? Isn’t that the main point of being an entrepreneur?

Yes, but you would be amazed at how many people don’t do this simple action.

Case in point, I know a lot of business owners who don’t know they need to pay quarterly taxes. They move along without thinking about it until one day they get a massive, crippling tax bill.

The other issue is that when you’re building a business, there are going to be sexier things to distract you. Thinking about the purpose of your business, working on the brand and the look and feel, connecting with fun prospects at fun events, there’s no shortage of other things you could do instead.

Money is quiet. Expenses are quiet. Bills are quiet. At first. But if you don’t pay attention to them, they will get very loud and very painful.

As soon as you can, hire a bookkeeper. Find an amazing accountant in your town. Get your dollars in order.

There might be things that are more fun to focus on, but there certainly aren’t any that are more important.

Jon Acuff

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